Tournament and Contest Rules

AFA Mile High Golf Tournament Rules




•  Each player will hit a tee shot. The most favorable shot is selected and all players will hit their next shots from that spot.   This process is repeated until the ball is holed.

•  The maximum allowable score on any hole is BOGEY, i.e. par + 1

•  Please record your GROSS SCRAMBLE SCORE on your team scorecard.



•  Each team is encouraged to purchase mulligans – LIMIT:  3 per person

•   Each team member may play his/her ball within one club-length of the selected tee shot, no nearer to the hole. If the selected shot is played from a hazard, bunker, rough, fairway, or fringe of the green the ball must remain in the same cut of grass or hazard. In the bunker, the sand may be raked and the ball placed.

•  Groups with fewer than 4  members may take 4 shots – additional shots MUST rotate among team players.



     Men will play the White tees

     Ladies may play the Red (Forward) tees



     Circle Hole Contest                                             Hole # 2

     Hole in One                                                          Hole # 13 (no mulligans permitted)

     Longest Drive                                                       Hole # 9

     Putting Contest                                                    Practice Green

     Use the Pro Drive                                                Hole # 16

     Closest to Pin                                                       Hole # 17



•  Beverage carts will be at fixed locations, stationed at the 3rd green and after the 14th hole

•  Please keep up with group ahead of you...aim to finish in 4-1/2 hours

•  The highest recordable score on any hole is Bogey.   If not holed-out in par or better, PICK-UP and record a bogey on your scorecard!

•  Ties will be decided by a scorecard playoff


     Please give your scorecard to Justin in the Pro Shop as soon as you finish



Contest Rules

Circle Hole Contest

  • On Hole 2, there is a 20 foot diameter circle around the flag
  • With an entry fee of $5 paid, a drive resting in the circle will be awarded a sleeve of tour quality golf balls
  • If four players in a team elect to participate, team records “birdie” for that hole
  • If four players in a team participate and any one of the four participants rests in the circle, the team records an “ace” for that hole
  • Each participant will receive a ticket for the prize drawing and be able to select a playing card

  No mulligans on Hole 2 for the purpose of this contest; you may use a mulligan for tournament scoring


Putting Contest

  • After completing Hole 9, each team will stop at the Practice Green
  • For a $10 donation, a player will be given 2 putts at the designated hole from the starting line
  • The putt closer of the two to the hole will be measured and recorded as the player's score
  • The closest putt from all participants wins!
  • In the event of ties, a "putt-off" will occur before the luncheon.  The closest to the hole in a 1-putt-per-player shoot-out will determine the winner
  • Each participant will receive a ticket for the prize drawing and be able to select a playing card

                     No mulligans permitted in Putting Contest